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Table 1 Details of patients undergoing Le Fort’s colpocleisis (HT hypertension, IHD ischaemic heart disease, USI urodynamic stress incontinence, TAH total abdominal hysterectomy, BSO bilateral salpingoopherectomy, PFR pelvic floor repair, DI detrusor instability, NIDDM non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, DVT deep vein thrombosis, Vag hyst vaginal hysterectomy, CCF congestive cardiac failure, Poly rheum polymyalgia rheumatica, PVD peripheral vascular disease, URTI upper respiratory tract infection, TIA transient ischaemic attack, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, TB tuberculosis, TVT tension-free tape)

From: Le Fort’s partial colpocleisis: a review of one surgeon’s experience

Patient Age (years) Type of prolapse Pessary treatment Previous gynaecology surgery Pre-operative morbidity Medication (number of drugs) Urinary symptoms pre/post operatively Length of stay (days) Operating complication
MC 70 Procidentia Failed Nil Hip fracture, osteoporosis 1 Nil 2 Nil
PG 67 Procidentia Failed Manchester repair Nil Nil Nil 2 Nil
VS 84 Procidentia Failed Nil HT, IHD 3 USI urodynamics 2 Nil
JG 80 Vault Declined TAH & BSO, PFR HT, IHD 4 Nil 4 Nil
BB 79 Procidentia Declined Nil HT 1 Nil 3 Nil
LK 82 Procidentia Failed Nil HT 2 DI urodynamics 4 Bleeding
MW 92 Vault Failed TAH IHD, HT, NIDDM, hypothyroid 3 Nil 3 Nil
JE 73 Procidentia Failed Nil HT 4 Nil 2 Nil
MJ 75 Procidentia Failed Nil DVT, breast cancer 4 Nil 2 Nil
JJ 85 Vault Failed Vag hyst CCF, pulmonary HT 3 Nil 3 Nil
PS 74 Procidentia Failed Nil Thyroid, poly rheum 3 Nil 4 Nil
GD 88 Procidentia Failed Nil HT, PVD, CCF 5 Nil 8 URTI
BA 77 Vault Declined Vag hyst, PFR Breast cancer, Parkinson’s 2 Nil 4 Failed
VB 87 Procidentia Failed BSO TIA, CCF, COPD 4 Nil 5 CCF
PW 68 Procidentia Failed Nil HT, NIDDM, CCF, PVD 6 Nil 4 Nil
GC 74 Procidentia Failed Nil HT ,IHD, DVT 3 Occasional urgency 2 Nil
EB 72 Procidentia Failed Nil HT 1 Occasional urgency 5 Nil
NS 74 Procidentia Failed Nil HT, TIA, IHD, TB, bowel cancer 5 Nil 2 Nil
EY 87 Procidentia Failed Nil COPD, CCF 5 Catheter 4 Nil
EB 84 Procidentia Failed Nil HT, IHD 2 Nil 2 Nil
HS 83 Procidentia Declined Nil HT 1 Nil 3 Nil
IC 74 Procidentia Failed Nil HT, hiatus hernia 4 USI urodynamics 4 Nil
MB 67 Procidentia Declined Nil HT, CCF 3 Nil 2 Nil
FE 84 Procidentia Declined Nil HT, IHD, CCF 5 Nil 2 Failed
DG 81 Vault + TVT Failed Vag hyst HT, NIDDM, CCF 3 USI urodynamics 2 Failed
DH 59 Vault Failed TAH Nil Nil Nil 2 Nil
ES 80 Vault Failed Vag hyst, PFR HT, IHD, CCF Nil Nil 2 Nil