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Table 3 Problems of embolisation and laparascopic ligation of uterine arteries

From: Embolisation of uterine arteries or laparascopic uterine artery ligation as possible treatment of uterine leiomyoma

Necrosis of myoma and its consquences
·Prolonged inpatient stay for high-dose analgesia
·Non-selctive embolisation and uncontrolled occlusion of ovarian or tubarian anastomoses
·No histology
·High rates of further invasive treatment
·High rate of complications
·Non-standardised procedures
·No long-term follow-up of endocrine consequences available at present
·Ovarian failure and unwanted loss of fertility
·Endometrial atrophy
·Underdiagnosis of malignancy (rate of sarcoma 0.5%)
Laparascopic ligation
·No standardisation
·Low level of evidence, low number of cases
·Only few studies on long-term outcome, but low rates of complications and easily accessible during staging laparascopy