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Table 1 Differences in population characteristics between symptomatic (group 1) and asymptomatic (group 2) women (NS statistically not significant, S statistically significant)

From: Ambulatory hysteroscopy results post-menopause: comparative study between patients with and without metrorrhagia

 Characteristic Group 1 (n=86) Group 2 (n=150) Statistical significance
Patients’ mean age (years) 66.4±8.3 SD 64.9±7.97 SD P=0.17 (NS)
Mean age at menopause (years) 49.6±4.1 SD 50.1±3.8 SD P=0.48 (NS)
Presence of at least one risk factor for endometrial cancer 65.7% 61.7% P=0.73 (NS)
Patients with history of late menopause 31.7% 42.2% P=0.23 (NS)
Patients with obesity 49.2% 29.9% P=0.03 (S)