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Table 1 Suggested criteria for offering laparoscopic surgical staging

From: Laparoscopic surgical staging for uterine malignancies using harmonic shears (UltraCision) in comparison to electrosurgery: operative technique, feasibility and complications

Suggested inclusion criteria for cervical cancer
Women with newly diagnosed untreated early cervical cancer
FIGO stage IA1 to IB1 (occult or clinical <2 cm) lesions
FIGO stage II (selected cases of MRI-suspicious lymph node)
Squamous, adenocarcinoma and adenosquamous histology
Suggested inclusion criteria for endometrial cancer
Women with newly diagnosed untreated early endometrial cancer
FIGO stage IB to IC (extent of myoinvasion)
Grading 2 to 3
Adenocarcinoma, adenosquamous carcinoma and carcinosarcoma histology
Suggested criteria for para-aortic lymph node sampling
MRI-suspicious para-aortic lymph node
Positive biopsy of pelvic lymph node
High risk endometrial cancer (grade 3 and myoinvasion >50%)