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Table 2 Follow-up, recurrence, and survival after LAVH ± LAE compared with laparotomy ± LAE for early endometrial cancer

From: Laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy with laparoscopic pelvic and paraaortic staging for early endometrial cancer

Reference n (LAVH/laparotomy) Results/authors’ conclusions
[47] 56 Three-year survival and recurrence rates similar those of the abdominal approach
[48] 221/45 No difference with regard to recurrence or survival between groups (median follow-up 33.6 months)
[49] 100/86 Similar 2-year and 5-year estimated recurrence-free survival rates as well as overall survival rates
[18] 52/46 No difference in overall and recurrence-free survival between LAVH and laparotomy (follow-up 0–67 months)
[10] 3 Case reports on vaginal cuff recurrences after LAVH
[50] 47/31 Five-year survival rate similar that for laparotomy (94.7% FIGO I)
[39] 226/284 Patterns of recurrence similar in both groups (total laparoscopic vs. total abdominal hysterectomy; median follow-up 29.4 months)
[51] 63/59 Disease-free and overall survival similar in both groups (median follow-up 44 months, range 5–96 months)
[42] 41/36 Retrospective study, no differences in recurrence and survival rates
[43] 74/168 Three-year recurrence-free survival rates were similar: 97.5% vs. 98.6% respectively
[52] 19/94 No significant differences for disease-free and overall survival (total laparoscopic vs. total abdominal hysterectomy)
[44] 38/37 No significant difference in disease recurrence between the two groups
[53] 45/136 No statistically significant differences in disease-free survival and recurrence rate between groups