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Table 1 Diagnostic criteria for group A streptococcal TSS [2, 9]

From: Group A streptococcal toxic shock syndrome associated with pelvic peritonitis following diagnostic hysteroscopy in a healthy woman: a case report and review

A. Isolation of group A streptococcus:
 (1) From a sterile site
 (2) From a non-sterile body site
B. Clinical signs of severity
 (1) Hypotension
 (2) Clinical and laboratory abnormalities (requires two or more of the following):
  (a) Renal impairment
  (b) Coagulopathy
  (c) Liver abnormalities
  (d) Acute respiratory distress syndrome
  (e) Extensive tissue necrosis, i.e. necrotising fasciitis
  (f) Erythematous rash
Definite case: A1 + B (1 + 2)
Probable case: A2 + B (1 + 2)