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Table 2 Investigations performed

From: Laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy for endometrial cancer in high body mass index (BMI) patients: a report of six cases

Case no. Pelvic and abdominal scan Hysteroscopy MRI
1 ET = 12.9 mm Thickened endometrium, irregular appearance and two small polyps  
2 ET = 21 mm, irregular endometrium Enlarged cavity with suspicious-looking growth Bulky uterus, enlarged cavity
3 ET = 31 mm containing cystic areas Enlarged cavity with irregular endometrial lining  
4 ET = 3.7 mm and polyps Enlarged cavity and multiple small polyps  
5 ET = 11 mm Thickened highly vascular endometrium and two small polyps Endometrium of intermediate to high signal occupying the whole of the cavity extending into both cornua
6 Enlarged fibroid uterus, 125 × 67 × 81 mm, ET = 12.9 mm Multiple small polyps and hyperplastic endometrium  
  1. MRI magnetic resonance imaging, ET endometrial thickness