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Table 2 This table shows the details of all the 29 cases needing preoperative or intraoperative ureteric stenting, ureteroscopy or retrograde ureterogram

From: Can centralised care of complex laparoscopic procedures prevent urinary tract injuries?

  Risk factors Operation Injury
Case 1 Endometriosis IV, ovarian mass RLEE, large endometriomas, adherent rectum, bilateral stents No
Case 2 Endometriosis IV, previous left nephrectomy, left ureterectomy, LSO, segmental sigmoid resection LADVH, RSO, adhesiolysis, right stent No
Case 3 Endometriosis I Treatment of endometriosis, left stent No
Case 4 Caesarean section LADVH, LSO, right stent No
Case 5 Fibroid LADVH (no dye from left ureter, paste-like material dislodged by ureter guide, bilateral retrograde ureterogram, ureters normal on USS, IVP, CT scan) No
Case 6, 18, 22 Endometriosis II–IV LEE, left/bilateral stents No
Case 7 Endometriosis IV, fibroid, previous surgery RLEE, left stent, left ureterolysis, enterolysis, LSO, Mirena insertion No
Case 8 Endometriosis I/II, previous surgery LAVDH, bilateral stents, LEE No
Case 9 Endometriosis II Ablation of endometriosis, left stent, hysteroscopy, Fenton’s No
Case 10, 11 Endometriosis IV RLEE, bilateral stents, left ovarian cystectomy (case 10), dye test No
Case 12 Endometriosis, previous surgery Extensive adhesiolysis, trachelectomy, ureteroscopy No
Case 13 Endometriosis Adhesiolysis, LEE, Dye test, Hysteroscopy No
Case 14 Endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease LAVDH, LSO, excision of bladder endometriosis, check cystoscopy + left retrograde rigid ureteroscopy Yes (bladder)
Case 15 Endometriosis LEE, adhesiolysis, bilateral ureterolysis, bilateral stents No
Case 16 Endometriosis III LEE, hysteroscopy, bilateral stents No
Case 17 Endometriosis IV, rectovaginal endometriosis, ovarian mass RLEE, LADVH, BSO, bilateral stents, ureterolysis No
Case 19 Endometriosis, previous surgery LADVH, RSO, right stent No
Case 20 Previous radical hysterectomy for 1B1 cervical cancer and lymphadenectomy Adhesiolysis, left oophorectomy, bilateral stents No
Case 21 Endometriosis II LEE, dye test, bilateral stents No
Case 23 Endometriosis IV RLEE, bilateral stents No
Case 24 Endometriosis IV RLEE, LADVH, BSO, bilateral stents No
Case 25 Endometriosis, fibroid Ablation of endometriosis, LSO, hysteroscopy, left stent No
Case 26 Endometriosis IV RLEE, LADVH, BSO, bilateral stents No
Case 27 Endometriosis IV RLEE, excision/ablation of endometriomas, bilateral stents No
Case 28 Endometriosis TLH, RSO, excision of endometriosis, repair of right ureter (JJ stent) Yes (ureter)
Case 29 Fibroid, left ovarian fibroma 9 cm LADVH, LSO, left JJ stent, retrograde ureterogram Yes (ureter)
  1. LSO left salpingoophorectomy, RSO right salpingoophorectomy, BSO bilateral salpingoophorectomy, USS ultrasound scan, LADVH laparoscopic-assisted Doderlein vaginal hysterectomy, TLH total laparoscopic hysterectomy, LEE laparoscopic excision of endometriosis, RLEE radical laparoscopic excision of endometriosis