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Fig. 1

From: Laparoscopic resection of cystic adenomyosis in a teenager with arcurate uterus

Fig. 1

a Trans-vaginal ultrasound scan of uterus showing a spherical 2-cm lesion with mid-level echoes suggestive of a longstanding blood collection. b Adenomyoma in situ prior to excision. Apparent blanching can be seen secondary to vasopressin injection. There is no external discoloration as typically seen in prominent endometriotic lesions. c Intra-operative image of uterus showing the enucleation using a modified myomectomy approach. Altered blood, similar to endometrioma fluid, can be seen draining from cystic lesion. d Repair of the site of the resection site with interrupted 2/0 PDS sutures

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