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Fig. 5

From: A valid model for testing and training laparoscopic psychomotor skills

Fig. 5

Exercise 3 (bimanual coordination). The ability to grasp six pre-defined objects with the DH and re-grasp and transport them with the NDH to pre-defined targets in the LASTT model was evaluated. The left graph shows the scores of the participants in function to their exposure to laparoscopic surgery (ranged from 0 to 12). The right graph shows the median (inter-quartile range) scores of the three groups (G1: no or little exposure to laparoscopy, G2: intermediate exposure to laparoscopy, G3: important exposure to laparoscopy). ***P < 0.001 (G1 vs. G3); °°P < 0.01 (G2 vs. G3)

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