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Fig. 2

From: Defining a structured training program for acquiring basic and advanced laparoscopic psychomotor skills in a simulator

Fig. 2

Task scores for the three training groups at the first (T1), second (T2), and third (T3) testing times. Top, scores for the hand–eye coordination (HEC) task with the dominant hand (DH); center, scores for the HEC task with the nondominant hand (NDH); bottom, scores for the laparoscopic intracorporeal knot tying task (LICK). Participants were exposed to different HEC training programs between T1 and T2: G1 (brown), training for both DH and NDH; G2 (green), training for DH only; G3 (yellow), no training. The three groups were exposed to an identical training program for LICK between T2 and T3. Data are mean ± SEM of triplicate observations

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