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Table 1 Case reports of complications after second-generation endometrial ablation

From: Second-generation thermal endometrial ablation: beware of metal clips in the lower abdomen

Authors (year) Type of ablation Medical history Complication Intervention
Hubert 2001 [14] HTA Cervical incompetence Hematometra after cervical occlusion Cervical dilatation and stent
Roth 2004 [15] ThermaChoice 2 CS Bilateral tubo-ovarian abscesses 50 days later Abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
Das 2005 [11] 2nd MEA 3 years after first MEA Twin pregnancy after IVF, CS, MEA, endometriosis Pelvic abscess 7 × 10 cm with ovarian endometrioma Hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
Gandhi 2005 [16] Cavatherm Unknown Ectopic pregnancy Unknown
Janssen 2007 [12] NovaSure Essure sterilization Bilateral cornual abscess Laparotomy, resection of necrosis, removing of Essure microinserts
Robson 2007 [17] HTA Resection of leiomyoma type 0 Necrotic leiomyoma Hysteroscopy
Robson 2007 [17] HTA 3 intramural Leiomyoma Necrosis of leiomyoma Conservative therapy with antibiotics
Schlumbrecht 2007 [18] HTA Diabetes type 2 Prosthetic mitral valve Pyometra and sepsis Cervical necrosis Hysterectomy
V. Riemsdijk 2009 [5] NovaSure Myoma (4 cm) Expulsion of myoma Hysterectomy
Salmeen 2009 [13] NovaSure Sepsis within 36 h (Escherichia coli) Exploratory laparotomy and hysterectomy
Rooney 2010 [19] NovaSure 3 CS Vesico-uterine fistula 2 weeks after NovaSure supracervical laparoscopic hysterectomy repair of fistula
Iliodromiti 2011 [10] MEA Laparoscopic sterilization Thermal bowel injuries with perforations Exploratory laparotomy with subtotal hysterectomy, hemicolectomy
  1. MEA microwave endometrial ablation, HTA hydrothermal ablation, CS caesarean section