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Table 3 Characteristics of studies investigating the use of MVA in the management of early pregnancy loss

From: Manual vacuum aspiration under local anaesthetic for early miscarriage: 2 years experience in a university teaching hospital in UK

Study Study period Study design Participants Setting Interventions Comparison Conclusions
Blumenthal and Remsburg [15] 1990–1992 Open, serial, quasi-experimental 35 women with first trimester incomplete abortions OT, ER or LW, USA Outpatient MVA under sedation using Fentanyl or Midazolam Electrical suction curettage in OT Significant reduction in both procedure time (42 %) and costs (41 %) with MVA
Egziabher et al. [22] 1997 Double blind RCT 142 women with incomplete miscarriage Health Centre, Nairobi MVA under paracervical block with 1 % lignocaine (LA) MVA under paracervical block with sterile water LA significantly reduced pain during MVA
Gazvani et al. [14] 1998–2000 Prospective 57 women with first trimester miscarriage OT, UK MVA under systemic analgesia using IV Alfentanil or Midazolam MVA under patient controlled sedation No significant differences in MVA success and acceptability rates (100 %) between the anaesthetic techniques
Edwards et al. [10] 2002–2004 RCT, multicenter, non inferiority 157 women with first trimester miscarriage OT, ER USA MVA under LA EVA under GA or spinal anaesthesia MVA success rate 97 % vs. EVA 95.2 %, MVA acceptability 70 % vs. EVA 77 %
Milingos et al. [17] 2003–2005 Retrospective observational study 245 women with first trimester miscarriage EPAU, UK MVA under LA None MVA success rate 94.7 %
Tasnim et al. [23] 2007–2008 RCT 176 women with early pregnancy failure OT, Pakistan MVA under paracervical block EVA under GA MVA success rate 90 % vs. EVA 91 %, Significant less blood loss, shorter hospital stay and reduced cost with MVA
Kinariwala et al. [24] 2011–2012 Retrospective case series 9 women with early pregnancy failure A&E, USA MVA under paracervical 1 % lidocaine, IV and oral analgesia None MVA success rate 100 %
  1. MVA manual vacuum aspiration, OT operation theatres, ER outpatient emergency or procedure room, LW labour ward, RCT randomised controlled trial, LA local anaesthetic, IV intravenous, EVA electric vacuum aspiration, GA general anaesthesia, EPAU early pregnancy assessment unit, A&E accident and emergency