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Table 10 Stoma required before, during, and after surgery

From: Systematic review of the outcome associated with the different surgical treatment of bowel and rectovaginal endometriosis

References Stoma
Alvez Pereira et al. [20] 0
Bailey et al. [21] 0
Bassi et al. [22] 0
Brouwer and Woods [23] X7, loop ileostomy was required (5 %).
Coronado et al. [24] 0
Darai et al. [25] X5 colostomy and a Hartmann procedure in one (6.9 %).
Darai et al. [26] NA
Donnez et al. [27] 0
Donnez and Squifflet [28] 0
Dousset et al. [29] X96 defunctioning ileostomy was done.
Dubernard et al. [30] X6 (5 of rectovaginal fistula colostomy and the last had Hartmann procedure)
Duepree et al. [31] X1, due to combined ileal and rectal injury
Fedele et al. [32] 0
Ford et al. [33] X2 temporary (one intraoperative) and the second postoperatively (rectal perforation)
Hollett-Caines et al. [34] 0
Jatan [35] X2
Kavallaris et al. [36] X2, Ileostomy (left for 4 months)
Keckstein and Wiesinger [37] NA
Kondo et al. [38] X1, protective ileostomy
Maytham et al. [39] X1, temporary defunctioning loop colostomy
Mereu et al. [40] X3 ,temporary ileostomy,2 temporary colostomy
Meuleman et al. [41] 0
Minelli et al. [42] X41, temporary ileostomy X41 (11.5 %)
Mohr et al. [43] X2, ileostomy done preoperatively
Nezhat et al. [44] 0
Pandis et al. [45] X2, Ileostomy
Redwine and Wright [46] 0
Reich et al. [47] No data
Ribeiro et al. [48] 0
Ruffo et al. [49] X61 primary ileostomy, 8 required permanent ileostomy, colostomy X2, Hartmannx1
Slack et al. [50] X3 temporary
Stepniewska et al. [51] 0
Tarjanne et al. [52] NA
Varol et al. [53] X1, closed after 10 weeks after healing of rectovaginal fistula
Weed and Ray [54] X3 temporary, one permanent
Wills et al. [55] X3 ileostomies, one elective and 2 due to anastomotic leak