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Table 3 Clinical relevant inconsistencies between pre-operative and reviewed post-operative

From: Is pre-operative risk-assessment in laparoscopic treatment of presumed low-risk endometrial cancer effective?

Histopathology and FIGO staging in 8 patients
Patients Pre-operative Post-operative Myometrial invasion (%) FIGO stage
1 EEC G2 EEC G3 <50 IA G3
2 EEC G1 Mixed G3 <50 IA G3
3 EEC G2 EEC G3 >50 IB G3
4 AH EEC G1 >50 II G1
5 EEC G1 EEC G1 <50 II G1
6 EEC G2 EEC G1 >50 IIIA G1
7 EEC G2 EEC G2 >50 IIIA G2
8 EEC G2 CC G3 >50 IIIC2 G3