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Table 3 Selected results of the present survey, presented after Hackethal et al [2]

From: A European survey on awareness of post-surgical adhesions among gynaecological surgeons

Entry % of participants
Adhesions considered as a major source of morbidity 70.8
Adhesions considered as an important part of daily medical work 50.4
Adhesions considered as an important part of daily surgical work 50.7
Estimated incidence of adhesions post-laparotomy 40.8
Estimated incidence of adhesions post-laparoscopy 18.9
Patients informed of risk of adhesions during consenting 64.3
Regular use of anti-adhesion agents 44.3
Anti-adhesion agents considered as cost-effective 77.5
Anti-adhesion agents considered as too expensive 71.6
Anti-adhesion agents considered as insufficiently refunded 75.8
Consider themselves as well informed about adhesions 60.0
 Source of adhesion knowledge  
 Scientific publications 85.6
 Personal experience 82.6
Discussions with colleagues 75.8
 Continuous medical education 84.7
 Consensus paper 66.5
 ESGE conferences 61.5