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Fig. 1

From: Applying a statistical method in transvaginal ultrasound training: lessons from the learning curve cumulative summation test (LC-CUSUM) for endometriosis mapping

Fig. 1

Cumulative summation test for the learning curve (LC-CUSUM) graphs for TVUS for endometriomas and deep infiltrative endometriosis. The vertical axis shows the CUSUM values, the horizontal axis shows the case number. Dotted horizontal lines show acceptable/unacceptable boundary lines of the CUSUM score. As long as the score remains over the limit h (dotted line), the operator is not considered as proficient, whereas when the LC-CUSUM score crosses this limit, he is considered to have become proficient. As long as the score remains under the limit, the operator is considered to maintain an acceptable performance. Performance was reached after 20 exams for endometriomas (red line), 26 exams for bladder nodules (blue), 32 exams for vaginal nodules (green), 31 exams for pouch of Douglas obliteration (turquoise), 38 exams for bowel nodules (purple), and 44 exams for uterosacral ligament nodules (dark red)

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