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Table 1 Previous counseling included items

From: Essure® present controversies and 5 years’ learned lessons: a retrospective study with short- and long-term follow-up

 ▪ Full gynecological evaluation (clinical history, gynecological observation, transvaginal ultrasound, and cervical and breast cancer screening if indicated)
 ▪ Confirming the motivation to permanent contraception
 ▪ Evaluation of nickel or metal allergy
 ▪ Full information on the procedure (anatomical and technical details)
 ▪ Full information on possible complications and restrictions Early: infection, acute pain, perforation/migration/expulsion
Late: chronic pain or irregular/heavy bleeding
Magnetic resonance—safe if using a 1.5 T magnet; artifact possibility
Electrosurgical procedures—should be avoided if near the micro-inserts