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Table 1 Overview of the fetoscopic instruments used for FETO and UNPLUG

From: Fetoscopic endoluminal tracheal occlusion and reestablishment of fetal airways for congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Fetal tracheoscopy Description ID
1.3 mm endoscope Miniature telescope, with remote eyepiece 0° straight forward, 30.6 cm working length 11540AA
3.3 mm sheath Blunt curved sheath, with sand-blasted echogenic tip with stop cock for irrigation and two side openings 11540KE
1.0 mm forceps Retrieval forceps, double action jaws, 35 cm long 11510C
0.4 mm stylet Single use puncture stylet with adjustable torque, 50 cm long 11506P
0.9 mm needle Puncture needle to protect the catheter or for aspiration, length 35 cm, can house the stylet 11540KD
3.3 mm trocar 10 Fr pyramidal tipped trocar for use with flexible cannula RCF-10.0 (Cook, Check Flo Performer) 11650TG
0.6 mL balloon Goldbal 2 detachable latex balloon with radio-opaque inclusion, outer diameter 1.5 mm (inflated: 7.0 mm); length 5.0 mm (inflated 20.0 mm) Goldbal 2 (Balt)
0.9 mm microcatheter catheter loaded with mandrel, and Touhy Boost Y-connection, max outer diameter 0.9 mm, tapered to 0.4 mm, 100 cm in length “Baltacci” e BDPE 100 (Balt)
Direct bronchoscopy 1.3 mm endoscope Miniature telescope, with remote eyepiece 0° straight forward, 18.8 cm working length 10040AA
Straight bronchoscopic sheath 4.2 mm outer, 3.5 mm inner diameter 18.5 cm length (size 2.5), is conventional neonatal “Doesel-Huzly” bronchoscope, with blanking and suction plug 10339F
Telescope bridge Houses telescope and has side opening for irrigation 1.5 mm outer diameter 10338LCI
1.0 mm forceps 19 cm semi-flexible forceps for balloon retrieval 10338H
0.4 mm stylet Single use puncture stylet with adjustable torque, 50 cm long 11506P
  1. Endoscopic instruments were developed by Karl Storz Endoskope, supported by the European Commission in the 6th framework program. The balloon system is an adapted version of a commercially available vascular occlusion device. Most instruments and devices are used off label