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Table 1 Risk factors of ectopic pregnancy [19,20,21,22,23]

From: Elective uterine artery embolization prior to laparoscopic resection of interstitial pregnancy: two cases and literature review

Highly increased risk (OR = 4–40) Moderately increased risk (OR = 2–20)
 Previous tubal surgery  Infertility
 Documented tubal pathology  Previous genital infections
 History of EP  Multiple sexual partners
 In-utero exposure to DES  
 Use of IUD [22, 23]  
Minimally increased risk (OR = 1-4) Other risk factors
 Previous pelvic/abdominal surgery  Age (> 35–40 years)
 Cigarette smoking  Assisted reproductive technologies
 Vaginal douching  Anatomical uterine abnormality
 Early age at first intercourse  Non-Caucasian
 Prior spontaneous or medically induced abortion
  1. OR odds ratio, EP ectopic pregnancy, DES diethylstilbestrol, IUD intra-uterine device