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Table 1 Evolution of uterine sparing prolapse surgery

From: Safety and efficacy of non-absorbable mesh in contemporary gynaecological surgery

Year Surgeon/technique Description
1886 Howard Kelly
‘Abdominal ventrosuspension’
Open abdominal approach. The uterus is sutured to the anterior abdominal wall at the level of the cervix using the peritoneum.
1891 Donald and Shaw
‘Manchester Repair’
Vaginal approach. Anterior and posterior colporrhaphy with amputation of cervix [80].
1956 Arthure and Savage
‘Suture sacral hysteropexy’
Open abdominal approach. The uterine fundus or posterior uterine corpus is sutured to the ligamentous tissue of the sacral promontory [81].
1979 SK Chaudhuri
‘Abdominal autologous fascial uterine sling’
Fascial sling from external oblique is brought through the transversalis fascia and sutured to the anterior aspect of the cervix [82].
1993 Andrew Farkas
‘Mesh hysterosacropexy’
Open abdominal approach. Goretex mesh is used to fix the uterus to the sacrum [83].
2010 Price and Jackson
‘Laparoscopic hysteropexy’
Laparoscopic approach. Bifurcated polypropylene mesh is wrapped round the uterus through the broad ligament and suspended to the sacral promontory [84].