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Table 2 IUGA terminology [10]

From: Safety and efficacy of non-absorbable mesh in contemporary gynaecological surgery

Contraction: Shrinkage or reduction in size
Prominence: Parts that protrude beyond the surface (e.g. due to wrinkling or folding with no epithelial separation)
Separation: Physically disconnected, for example, vaginal epithelium.
Exposure: A condition of displaying, revealing, exhibiting or making accessible (e.g. vaginal mesh visualised through separated vaginal epithelium)
Extrusion: Passage gradually out of a body structure or tissue (e.g. a loop of tape protruding into the vaginal cavity)
Compromise: Bring into danger
Perforation: Abnormal opening into a hollow organ or viscus
Dehiscence: A bursting open, splitting, or gaping along natural or sutured lines
Sinus tract formation: (Localised) formation of a fistulous tract towards vagina or skin, where there is no visible implant material in the vaginal lumen or overlying skin