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Table 2 Outcomes of women managed within the endometriosis service over the 7-year study period

From: Medical management of deeply infiltrating endometriosis - 7 year experience in a tertiary endometriosis centre in London

 Total (%)Combined oral contraceptivesProgestogens–oralProgestogens–depo/implantProgestogens–levonorgestrel releasing IUSGnRH Analogues ± HRTGnRH Analogues 3–6 months, followed by a contraceptive
Good control of symptoms—no further surgery required51 (33.6)14817813
Good control of symptoms—wanted to conceive within 12 months9 (5.9)220140
Good control of symptoms for over 12 months—surgery ultimately required8 (5.3)200132
Poor control of symptoms—surgery required46 (30.3)3302380
Poor control of symptoms—wanted to conceive15 (9.9)
Declined medical management14 (9.2)
Asymptomatic/postmenopausal9 (5.9)