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Table 3 Uterine artery occlusion method

From: Laparoscopic-assisted myomectomy with uterine artery occlusion at a freestanding ambulatory surgery center: a case series

 All (N = 969)Transient (N = 609)Permanent (N = 119)Both transient and permanent (N = 241)
BMI (kg/m2)—mean27.927.329.528.5
Myoma weight (g)—mean422.7314.1530.1640.5
Estimated blood loss (ml)—mean192.1147.4259.7272.9
Intra-op complications, %
Grade 1 post-op complications, %
Grade 2 post-op complications, %
Grade 3a post-op complications, %
Grade 3b post-op complications, %
Blood transfusions, %
  1. UAO uterine artery occlusion, ml milliliter, min minutes, Intra-op intraoperative, Post-op postoperative