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Table 7 Most common postoperative complications per BMI category

From: Laparoscopic-assisted myomectomy with uterine artery occlusion at a freestanding ambulatory surgery center: a case series

 Non-obese BMI < 30 (N = 650)Obese BMI 30–39 (N = 251)Morbidly obese BMI > 40 (N = 63)
 Abdominal pain730
 Vaginal bleeding200
 Incisional bleeding130
 CO2 gas pain100
 Unable to void110
GRADE 2   
 Blood transfusion1882
 Incisional infection232
 Pulmonary embolism100
GRADE 3a   
 Incisional separation220
GRADE 3b   
 Hematoma evacuation200
 Intrauterine balloon111