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  1. Original Article

    Gynaecological endoscopic surgical education and assessment. A diploma programme in gynaecological endoscopic surgery

    In recent years, training and education in endoscopic surgery has been critically reviewed. Clinicians, both surgeons as gynaecologist who perform endoscopic surgery without proper training of the specific psy...

    Rudi Campo, Arnaud Wattiez, Vasilis Tanos, Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo, Grigoris Grimbizis, Diethelm Wallwiener, Sara Brucker, Marco Puga, Roger Molinas, Peter O’Donovan, Jan Deprest, Yves Van Belle, Ann Lissens, Anja Herrmann, Mahmood Tahir, Chiara Benedetto…

    Gynecological Surgery 2016 13:957

    Published on: 21 June 2016

  2. Original Article

    A patient-preference cohort study of office versus inpatient uterine polyp treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding

    Uterine polyps can cause abnormal bleeding in women. Conventional practise is to remove them under general anaesthesia but advances in technology have made it possible to perform polypectomy in the office sett...

    Natalie A. M. Cooper, Lee Middleton, Paul Smith, Elaine Denny, Lynda Stobert, Jane Daniels and T. Justin Clark

    Gynecological Surgery 2016 13:946

    Published on: 17 May 2016

  3. Review Article

    Laparoscopic versus robotic-assisted sacrocolpopexy for pelvic organ prolapse: a systematic review

    The use of robot-assisted surgery (RAS) has gained popularity in the field of gynaecology, including pelvic floor surgery. To assess the benefits of RAS, we conducted a systematic review of randomized controll...

    Geertje Callewaert, Jan Bosteels, Susanne Housmans, Jasper Verguts, Ben Van Cleynenbreugel, Frank Van der Aa, Dirk De Ridder, Ignace Vergote and Jan Deprest

    Gynecological Surgery 2016 13:930

    Published on: 26 January 2016

  4. Original Article

    A new approach to simplify surgical colpotomy in laparoscopic hysterectomy

    New surgical techniques and technology have simplified laparoscopic hysterectomy and have enhanced the safety of this procedure. However, the surgical colpotomy step has not been addressed. This study evaluate...

    L. van den Haak, J. P. T. Rhemrev, M. D. Blikkendaal, A. C. M. Luteijn, J. J. van den Dobbelsteen, S. R. C. Driessen and F. W. Jansen

    Gynecological Surgery 2016 13:929

    Published on: 12 January 2016

  5. Opinion

    The Thessaloniki ESHRE/ESGE consensus on diagnosis of female genital anomalies

    What is the recommended diagnostic work-up of female genital anomalies according to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)/European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE) system...

    Grigoris F. Grimbizis, Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo, Sotirios H. Saravelos, Stephan Gordts, Caterina Exacoustos, Dominique Van Schoubroeck, Carmina Bermejo, Nazar N. Amso, Geeta Nargund, Dirk Timmermann, Apostolos Athanasiadis, Sara Brucker, Carlo De Angelis, Marco Gergolet, Tin Chiu Li, Vasilios Tanos…

    Gynecological Surgery 2015 13:909

    Published on: 4 November 2015

  6. Original Article

    The FAST-EU trial: 12-month clinical outcomes of women after intrauterine sonography-guided transcervical radiofrequency ablation of uterine fibroids

    The FAST-EU Trial was designed to establish the effectiveness and confirm the safety of transcervical intrauterine sonography-guided radiofrequency ablation with the VizAblate™ System in the treatment of sympt...

    Hans Brölmann, Marlies Bongers, José Gerardo Garza-Leal, Janesh Gupta, Sebastiaan Veersema, Rik Quartero and David Toub

    Gynecological Surgery 2015 13:915

    Published on: 28 September 2015

  7. Techniques and Instrumentation

    Intravesical mini-laparoscopic repair of vesicovaginal fistulas

    Vesicovaginal fistulas (VVF) constitute the most common type of genitourinary fistulas. In developed countries, VVF are almost always iatrogenic and frequently a secondary result of gynecological surgery. Some...

    Antoni Llueca, Jose Luis Herraiz, Miguel Rodrigo, Yasmin Mazzouzi, Dolores Piquer, Miriam Guijarro, Arhoa Cañete and Javier Escrig

    Gynecological Surgery 2015 12:913

    Published on: 11 September 2015

  8. Techniques and Instrumentation

    Intraoperative transvaginal sonography: a novel approach for localization of deeper myomas during laparoscopic myomectomy

    The aim of this study is to assess the use of intraoperative transvaginal ultrasonography (TVS) to locate deep myomas that were not identified on laparoscopic view. The design of this study is a prospective ob...

    P .G Paul, Dimple K. Ahluwalia, Dhivya Narasimhan, Gaurav Chopade, Saurabh Patil, Varsha Rengaraj and Tanuka Das

    Gynecological Surgery 2015 12:912

    Published on: 11 September 2015

  9. Original Article

    Long-term clinical outcomes of repeat hysteroscopic endometrial ablation after failed hysteroscopic endometrial ablation

    The study aims to describe patient characteristics, uterine cavity shape and histopathology, complications, and long-term clinical outcomes of women who failed hysteroscopic rollerball or loop endometrial abla...

    Grace W. Yeung, George A. Vilos, Angelos G. Vilos, Ayman Oraif, Hanin Abduljabar and Basim Abu-Rafea

    Gynecological Surgery 2015 12:907

    Published on: 21 July 2015

  10. Techniques and Instrumentation

    Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancy: a first series demonstrating how a new surgical technique can be applied in a low-resource setting

    This paper demonstrates the feasibility of a salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancy by transvaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (vNOTES). Conventional, reusable laparoscopic instruments were u...

    Van Peer Sarah and Baekelandt Jan

    Gynecological Surgery 2015 12:904

    Published on: 10 July 2015

  11. Original Article

    Delivery and pregnancy outcome in women with bowel resection for deep endometriosis: a retrospective cohort study

    Endometriosis affects women in reproductive age and can involve bowel in 6–12 % of the patients. In case of bowel occlusion or deep pain, radical laparoscopic endometriosic surgery associated with bowel resect...

    Silvia Baggio, Paola Pomini, Alessandro Zecchin, Simone Garzon, Cecilia Bonin, Lorenza Santi, Anna Festi and Massimo Piergiuseppe Franchi

    Gynecological Surgery 2015 12:901

    Published on: 20 June 2015

  12. Original Article

    Broad ligament defects as a cause of chronic pelvic pain

    We report a case of a woman with chronic right-sided pelvic pain with an unusual combination of broad ligament defects and associated terminal ileum and caecum herniation. Reduction of the hernia and closure o...

    Charlotte Palmer, David Rowlands and Vasileios Minas

    Gynecological Surgery 2015 12:898

    Published on: 9 June 2015

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