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Fig. 4

From: Improvement of endoscopically assisted neovagina: new application instruments and traction device

Fig. 4

a Positioning of the surgical team: typical formation of the surgical team for operative laparoscopy. At the same time, a second team inserts the threads and the pluggable segmented dummy from vaginal under simultaneous laparoscopic and cystoscopic control. b The curved thread guide is inserted retroperitoneally to pull the threads outside or to perforate the vaginal membrane using the abdomino-vaginal perforation method. c Placement of the traction device and tightening of the threads, which are connected to the pluggable segmented dummy. d Final surgical site with tensioned threads; puncture sites; suprapubic catheter and transurethral catheter and intravaginal pluggable segmented dummy located in situ

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