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Fig. 1

From: Clinical characteristic and intraoperative findings of uterine perforation patients in using of intrauterine devices (IUDs)

Fig. 1

IUDs and complications were associated with uterine perforation. A Different types of IUDs were identified in the patients with uterine perforation, including T-shaped copper (a), V-shaped copper (b), O-shaped (c), GyneFix (d), and other type (e) of IUDs. B Pelvic adhesion and abdominal pain were associated with uterine perforation. Five major types of IUDs were correlated with the intraoperative finding of pelvic adhesion (a) and clinical symptom of abdominal pain (b). Please note that significantly higher ratio of pelvic adhesions were observed in V-shaped copper IUD patients of 12/13 (92.3%) compared with O-shaped IUD patients of 3/4 (75%) with uterine perforation (Fisher’s exact test, *p < 0.05), while the abdominal pains were no different among all the types of IUDs used with uterine perforation. Note, w/o means without

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